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  • Footprint / Library :
   This is the most frequent cause of critical mistakes in PCB layout. It's very
   necessary to DOUBLE-CHECKING built fooprints in the early stage of Pcb Design.
1.Check of compability to Scematic / BOM Part Number.
2.Padstack: Sizes of Pad,Solder Paste and Mask opening.
3.Pinout .
4.Body Size and Height.
5.Pinout Marking on Silk and Assembly .
  • Placement :
1.Customer DXF/DWG :Heigt Map-Keepout data  requirement.
2.Placement of Mounting Holes.
3.Check the orientation of connector placement.
4.Polarized components check.
  •  Routing:
1.Stack-up details :Trace width for ech group of net.(Pwr/Ground or 
control impedance required signals)
2.Check the clock or other critical nets which require special routing & space details.
3.Signals crossing split planes.
4.Enough vias for High current nets.
  • Fabrication Details:
1.Check the layer stack-up / Pcb thikness details.
2.Check  customer requirement the board name & board number.
3.The board dimension and drill details of the PCB.
4.The details of the impedance controlled signals.
5.IPC netlist Compare.

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