Trace Printed Circuit Board Design LTD.


TRACE PCB Design offers the customer assistance & consulting from initial concept to product delivery
We advise, support and help the Customer, to Cut Cost, Procedure time and give a product & market study.
The first step is to provide a detailed Bill of Materials and a preliminary layout of the components.
So we begin the process with the Data Input Preparation:
 Component Library Creation
 Electronic Schematic Design Checking
 Mechanical Design Rules and Constraints
TRACE PCB can deliver a 2D or 3D Mechanical Simulation and Area Checking Reports especially for HDI boards and gives you an optimization of number layers required for your PCB.
We also help our customer with Heat Radiation Simulation for heat-sink design and power integrity design.
Electrical Design Rules and Constraints
TRACE PCB Design, Has advance solutions in the field of EMI/RFI, Design to EMC Electromagnetic (Noise level minimizing) & Cross Talk Reduction, in Hi-density PCB design and mixed integrated technologies.
In addition TRACE PCB Design has extensive knowledge & experience in withstanding. The following standards - Special Placement components and routing signals (Impedance control) for:
 Networking  circuit boards: PCI Express 10Gb ETHERNET
 Communication circuit boards: FIBER OPTI – COAXIAL
 Telephony Communication circuit board: MODEM FAX/USB
 High Speed circuit boards: SIGNAL INTEGRITY – special pre-routing for Signal Simulation Analysis.
Propagation and Match delay in constraints manager (net spacing and length factor). Special routing for DDR2/3 bus , important DQS central and group differential clock signals between FPGA and Memories components. Placement optimization of serial and ended resistors along Xnet/Electrical nets constraints
Electrical / thermal co-simulation to maximize accuracy. IR drop, current hot-spots and best remote sense locations are automatically found. 
PCB Layout Design
We must receive a PCB editing guide for critical signals and general instructions but we can help and write it together with our customer.


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