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Signal Integrity

The necessity of implementing Signal Integrity Simulations on Board Level Design and System Design is: Verifying that the Hardware Logic Design, implemented within the Printed Board Lay _ Out Layers, will function as designed.
More than that, the simulations are running at Typical, Maximum & Slow ICs’ performance, assuring that the Logic Design will function at those performances, and verifying that the design is marginal. The Typical, Maximum & Slow simulation performance, verifies also that the ICs,   taking part in the simulation, are simulated at 0°C ÷ 80°C, respectively to Typical, Maximum and Slow performance.                                                       

Signal Integrity Simulation is implemented in two cases:   
A) Pre Lay Out Simulation. In that case critical nets are simulated before Lay Out (DDR2, DDR3, Clocks, Control    Lines, Propriety Buses etc.), in order to define the lay out constrains.                 
B) Post Lay Out Simulation. In that case same critical nets are simulated after Lay Out in order to verify that the Board Lay Out meets the Board Designer demands.

Cross Talk Analysis and Lay Out Inspection implement, on Finished Board:
Signal integrity service includes “Cross talk analysis” and Board “Lay Out Inspection”.

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