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Mechanical Output

The Intermediate Data Format (IDF) is a format for exchanging printed circuit assembly information between ECAD and MCAD systems.

 We are supports export to IDF v2 or v3 format. These formats are much the same in terms of structure and content. They include basic information about the shape of the board, the position and size of plated and non-plated holes, and the position and basic shape of components. The v3 format supports additional keepout and outline types
The IDF option exports two files for both format types. These two files define the board outline and component positions, and the component boundary, height, units and part name. 

     The IDF Files (.emn and.emp files) 
  •   EMN File Contains:    
-PCB Outline
-Component Location
-Component Orientation
-Hole Information
-Keep In and Keep Out Regions
  •  EMP File Contains:
-ECAD outlines for every component
-ECAD component height information
  •  3D STEP Model Export:
  •  Gencad/Fabmaster Export:
Generate GenCAD data from your  designs for import into CAM systems. This format is used by some manufacturing front-end software for import of manufacture and test data.

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