Trace Printed Circuit Board Design LTD.

Backup Files

After every steps of the layout design process we auto-save PCB Data-Base  Files so we are able to go backward and work on the prior files
If it's necessary.
Trace PCB always saves , stores final PCB Data-Base Files and create a complete Back-Up of the final production files.
We use to save and keep every files and information of all our projects
Into CD's  / Hard Disk Removable  / Hard Disk Server.
Not only the files , but the E-mail messages recorded during the Layout
Design process into the customer project folder.
We use to print all the Data-Sheets / Foot-Print layout recommendation
Of course the two important customer confirmations PDR & CDR
(Preliminary Design Review – After Placement of components
Critical Design Review – After Routing of traces)
And keep these Hard Copies into the customer project folder.

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