Trace Printed Circuit Board Design LTD.


 TRACE PCB focus for DFM (Design For Manufacturing) / DFA (Design For Assembly
/ DFT (Design For Testability)  

Our goal is to facilitate the customer's  need for output drawing and documentations.
Manufacture engineering including:
Mechanical design, PCB material & structure
Documentation, Manufacture (Optimum Panelization Size/V-Groove /CNC), Assembly (Manual/Wafe/Reflow Soldering) and Electrical testing (ICT/Bed of nails or Flying Probe).
Final product Integration
TRACE PCB Design, works in close contact with mechanical engineers and  we used to send 3D Files for AUTOCAD and SOLIDWORK mechanical checking confirmation.
 TRACE PCB Design works with CAD/CAM software(Computer Aided Design &Manufacturing) and is happy to provide our advice in Plastic & mechanical structure engineering .
TRACE PCB offers our customer different type of Reverse Engineering /ECO services.
We give the ability to convert old existing artworks, films, gerber files and assembled boards into our CAD/CAM software.
And we can restore and deliver a new electronic schematic ,layout design and finally new production files.

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