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Our highly qualified engineers use the most advanced softwares to provide our clients with the solution that best fits their needs.

Board Design

Electronic Hardware Board Design and Architecture development
Electronic R&D Multidisciplinary Services|Electrical Schematic Circuit and Board Design| Digital High Speed|Analog |Wifi &BLE|RF & Microwave|Power|Motion Control|

Our hardware engineers are domain experts specializing in board design and electronic architecture development. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in various electronic fields such as digital, analog, HF-RF, microwave, video, power, and more.


  • High-Speed design for FPGA - CPLD - DSP - ASICs  - CPU - MCUPIC - AVR - MSP
  • Memory interface design for DDR2 - DDR3 - DDR4 - DDR5 - SDRAM - QDR
  • Comm. interface design for SERDES - SPI-4 - POE - GbE - PCIeIII-IV - 10GbE
  • Comm. interface design for LAN-Ethernet-USB-USB3_4--PCIe-XAUI-I2C-SPI-UART


  • Sensitive interface design for Sensors-Filters-Comparators-AMP-Motion
  • Audio Speaker and electret microphone - audio recorder and communication
  • Precision design for Optical-Clock-Thermostat-Strain Gauge-Boost
  • Thermometer -Speedometer-Gyroscope-Seismometer-Simulators-Monitors

HF-RF & Microwave 

  • Complex design for Antennas-Radars-WIFI-BLE-LNA/HPA-PLL
  • Wireless control design for receiver 5 GHz & transceiver for wireless Rx/Tx 2.4GHz 
  • Application microwave designs - RFIC/HMIC/MMIC and microwave generators.

Video & Power 

  • Application interface design for HDMI - HDTV - HDCP-  DVI - SVIDEO - VGA - RGB
  • Wireless transmission video FPV drone for UAV - EO/IR sensors - Cmos camera 
  • High current designs for PS-UPS-PDU-ACU-SSPC-SSCB- AC-DC \ DC-DC 
  • Automation and motion control for PDU multi-channel system and EPD
  • Platform - robotics motion control AMR and battery charger designs


First, we build a custom component library based on existing symbols, and when necessary, we design new symbols. Using the library, we design the electronic schema. Schematic symbols are created as per the IEEE standards.

Our specialized abilities:

  • Convert schematic designs between different ECAD software platforms.
  • Reverse engineer schematic designs from completed electronic devices.
  • Rapidly create a digital schematic design based on sketches made on paper.

Our design tools

We build our electronic schematic designs and block diagram designs with the ECAD software tools:

  • OrCAD schematic capture    V 17.4 
  • Altium schematic capture     V 22.9
  • Mentor schematic capture    VX2.10 

 Testing the designs  

  • Quartus/ModelSim - Simulate and analyze our digital designs
  • Pspice/Synopsys - Optimize and verify our analog circuit designs 
  • Ansys/Keysight ADS - Additional simulation tools are for DVT (Design Validation Test).

PCB Design

PCB & Layout Design |Altium|Cadence|Mentor |Si/Pi Simulation
Printed Circuit Board Design|HDI Blind Buried & Laser Via Technology|Stacked & Staggered Vias|Complex Layer Stackup|Flex & Rigid Boards|Footprint Library Creation

At TracePCB, a team of 24 experienced PCB designers work on projects for corporations, as well as StartUp companies. The PCB layout software is chosen based on the client’s requests.

The tools we use

We develop our 3D component footprint library design and create our PCB layout design with the PCB CAD software tools:

  • OrCAD Allegro V 17.4 
  • Altium Designer V 22.9
  • Mentor Expedition VX2.10 

PCB footprint, including pads stack creations, are named as per the 

recommendations made in IPC2221/2 standards.

PCB design capabilities

  • HDI design with via-in-pad, blind/buried/micro vias/stacked vias
  • Microelectronic design with 2.0mils/2.0mils trace/spacing
  • COB/Flip Chip/Package/Hybrid/ embedded chip design 
  • Complex stackup layers for high-speed signals/matching delay
  • Professional High-Frequency design/microwave precision design
  • Special high current design for aluminum/ceramic material
  • Heavy copper and copper bonding design for Power boards
  • Flex/Rigid 3D design for electronic/mechanical miniature product

SI/PI Analysing

We provide clients with advanced signal and power integrity solutions throughout all project phases: design, simulation, testing, measurement, and optimization.

The different types of analyses. 

  • Pre-layout phase is used to test the feasibility of the designs.
  • Post-layout analysis is used to ensure electronic constraints at both card-level and system-level.

Signal integrity capabilities

  • High speed/match and propagation delay analysis
  • Crosstalk analysis and layout design inspection
  • Placement optimization of serial and ended resistors
  • Noise, distortion, and signal loss effects the reduction

The tools we use:

  • HyperLynx Mentor Graphics VX.2.12.
  • Sigrity   Aurora Cadence 2022.1 HF2
  • Si/Pi  Altium Designer 22.9.1

Power integrity capabilities

  • Impedance target, DC drop, decoupling, and noise impacts
  • Good PDN, enough copper to carry a high level of current
  • DC drop and AC decoupling identification and analysis
  • Ground bounce noise and crosstalk power ripple reduction   

Thermal analysis capabilities

  • Identify high temperature and hot mechanical parts 
  • Prevent hot electronic parts and components that are mounted on PCB 
  • We find the DC power loss and change the PCB stack up or PCB material 
  • Find an airflow solution and connect it to a heat sinking element

Firmware Development

Electronic Firmware and Software Design and Code Development
Firmware for Embedded Microcontrollers| MCUs/CPUs| SoC platforms using C/C++ Real-Time programming language|for Altera,Xilinx FPGA using the VHDL/Verilog language

TracePCB’s talented firmware engineers realize RTL coding using the VHDL/Verilog language and IAR embedded workbench coding for ARM/cortex processors.

Our team specializes in:

  • Embedded micro-controllers and SoC platforms using C/C++, Real-Time programming language.
  • Wireless applications on MCUs/CPUs for low-power 

Wearable IoT products using thin OS such as FreeRTOS and MQX CMSIS, RTX applications.

Software Development

TracePCB’s professional software engineers know how to program RT embedded systems and GUI software processing for testing and control systems.

Special abilities:

  • GPU software for computer vision for machine learning and streaming/video devices
  • Data communication TCP/IP protocol for internet networking 
  • Machine-to-machine MQTT protocols
  • For front-end, Kernel development, and GUI solutions, we use Windows, Linux, and various mobile development languages

Programming languages:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Python

Versatile applications

Our experienced developers worked on IoT, cloud, web, desktop, mobile network, communication applications, and more.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical |Enclosure |Package| Design for Electronic products
3D Mechanical Design|Quick Mockup|Plastic Modelling Design|Metal CNC Sheet Metal Design|Injection Plastic Molding Design|Heat Radiation Simulation Heat-sink Design|

TracePCB can deliver a 2D or 3D tailor-made mechanical product, including mechanical modeling and simulation designs. We lead the mechanical development of systems and subsystems from client requirements to an entire production file.

Special benefits:

  • We deliver rapid prototyping, and structural/stress analysis
  • Our engineers simulate and analyze the thermal dynamic and shock stress levels
  • We help our clients with heat radiation simulation for heat-sink design


  • Our mechanical engineers create metal CNC, sheet metal, and plastic injection molding


  • SolidWorks/AutoCAD are used to design and draft the project

Package Design

TracePCB contributes to the next generation of mechanical miniaturization and package design. Our high-quality mechanical engineers plan and develop advanced package designs to ensure the client’s product realization.

Our package design department specializes in miniature enclosures from plastic or metal that can be used in microelectronics. 

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