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We specialize in operating at the highest degree of quality while striving to maintain cost reduction throughout our supply chain.

NPI Processing

NPI and PDM Services| Electronic Device and System Development
Electronic New Product Introduction (NPI) | Product Design and Data Management (PDM)|Component Engineering and Sourcing|Electronic Change Order (ECO) |BOM Management

The development process of new products begins with the client's requirements. TracePCB builds a product data management (PDM) for each project, whether it's a single product or a complete system. This PDM manages design data and engineering processes using a database software tool. Our Engineering team uses the PDM to organize product-related information, track revisions, collaborate, manage change orders, generate Bills of Materials (BOMs), and more.

Rapid prototyping

At TracePCB, we always perform rapid prototyping as part of all our NPI processes. This ensures we eliminate errors and prevent defects that produce the highest yield (the percentage of non-defected items out of all produced items) during mass production. 

In collaboration with our client, we define the product specifications and the schedule required to realize the full turnkey production ramp-up.

Wiring Harness and Cables

In the last few years, we became a complete EMS provider supplying in-house cable assembly production, engineering, and testing cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, and mechanical subassemblies.

We design and implement wiring looms and cable harness solutions for all electronic applications, as well as provide cable harness assembly services from simple to complex multiple-branch harnesses.

PCB Bring Up

Electronic Product Device/System Bring-Up and Final Integration |
Electrical Functional & JTAG Testing |USB interface testing including Application Programming Interface (API) for integration|Product Validation Test (PVT)

TracePCB acquired a complete range of modern testing equipment. Our in-house testing capabilities include:

  • Network and spectrum analyzers for production. 
  • Antenna testing range for antenna beam pattern validation & qualification.
  • D-Bug and JTAG testing, including programming interface (API) for integration.

We also develop and manufacture custom programming jigs for consistent quality and accuracy, especially before the system integration testing. 

After PCBA prototyping, and before mass production, our software engineers will perform:

  • Code software development and compilation of the program.
  • DVT (Design Validation Test)
  • EVT (Engineering Validation Test) 
  • PVT (Product Validation Test)

System Integration

TracePCB developed automatic test systems (ATE) for our laboratory stations to check all systems after integration and perform functional testing, such as environmental stress screening (ESS).

Our teams generate the PVT (Production Validation Test) and the ATP (Acceptance Test Plan) for every new system integration we work on.

Our professional team supports the production line and failure analysis by performing Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) tests.

AXI /AOI /SPI Generation

AXI /AOI /SPI Generation|EMI/ EMC-RFI/FCC Conformance Testing
AXI /AOI /SPI Inspection Services during and after PCBA Assembly |EMI/ EMC-RFI/FCC Conformance Testing Services for Electromagnetic Validation & Qualification|

Following the PCBA production, TracePCB uses AXI (X-Ray}, AOI (Optical), and SPI (Laser) 3D machines, to verify the quality of the final assembled product. Our dedicated team easily programs the machines and after a fast optical inspection, is able to identify defects or errors

We diligently record these findings so our clients can save them for future or repeat projects. The results detailing all the detected errors are automatically documented, including images and assignation to the batch number.

EMI/EMC-RFI/FCC-Safety Compliance

TracePCB always designs and develops your product with these mandatory requirements in mind. This ensures our client's products easily pass the analyses and get their products to market fast.

TracePCB has advanced solutions in the field of EMI/RFI, design to EMC electromagnetic (noise level minimizing) & cross talk reduction in hi-density PCB design and mixed integrated technologies.

We perform these analyses in-house, expediting the process even further.

  • Critical issues can be identified and fixed already on the layout design level. 
  • Analyze and optimize layouts to target EMC compatibility
  • Near field (magnetic) and far field (electric) radiation are simulated, and reports are generated for analysis.

QA/QC Validation

QA/QC Validation & Guarantee | UL/CE/FDA Standard Regulation
Quality Assurance and Quality Control |ISO 9001-2015|IPC-2221/2|IPC-6011/2|IPC-A-610/20|Mil-Std-275|ISO 13485|IPC-D-257|UL/CE/FDA Regulation and Homologation

Quality comes first at TracePCB, and our clients are always at the center of everything we do. We base our quality control system on the ISO-9001:201 standard.

We aim to implement all our client's requests with controlled processes and procedures to reduce errors with our digital management process. Today, we create our part libraries and design our boards under Pb Lead-Free / RoHS compliance request.

Quality from end-to-end:

We provide ECO handling, a wide spectrum of tests, fully documented procedures, COC test reports, electrical validation, and compliance testing professionals. 

Finally, you will receive fully automated testing and report generation. We apply the final FQA process, which is the last process flow before shipping your product.

TracePCB's team is committed to providing and guaranteeing the highest quality assurance. To ensure that the level of quality is maintained, we uphold the following standards:

  • PCB Design IPC2221/2
  • PCB Manufacturing IPC6011/12
  • Assembly & Testing IPC-A-610/20
  • Military: Mil-Std-275
  • Medical: ISO13485
  • Civil: IPC-D-257

We offer you all types of testing and certifications required for any electronic product:

  • Homologation for Europe - CE (EMI & Safety) 
  • USA/Canada - FCC

UL/CE/FDA Regulation and Homologation

TracePCB walks you through EMC testing, radio testing, product safety, environment testing, wired telecommunications, and calibration standards.

We develop the product and meet the requirements for the certification of your product and regulatory guidance, so you don’t have to worry about compliance. This ensures your entry to many markets and sectors you would otherwise not be able to access.

For example, in the medical industry, many electronic products must be approved by the FDA, which requires specific standards and assurances.

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