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PCB Manufacturing

Fast PCB Prototype Fabrication |PCB Medium/Mass Production
Quick PCB Manufacturing Quote|24 Hours Prototype Fast Delivery|Low and High volume|Rigid,Flex,Aluminium,Ceramic Materials|HDI/Laser /COB/RF /Heavy Copper Boards

TracePCB provides our clients with a manufacturing solution for any kind of PCB, from prototype to mass production, at attractive prices.

We represent professional PCB suppliers in Asia and Europe, ensuring we provide the highest quality PCB product and fast delivery.

PCB Capability:

Rigid Flex Capability:

PCB E-Testing

After manufacturing, all our PCB products are inspected and E-tested to ensure high warranty standards before delivery. We insist on E-testing simply because it's the only way to detect incorrect and broken conductors.

Quality guaranteed

The layout is analyzed according to the IPC356D/ODB++ net list files (from the Gerber data files) for short circuits and interruptions.

Board testing methods

  • Flying probe - small quantities
  • Adapter E-test - larger series

PCB Assembly

Fast PCBA Assembly Prototype |PCBA Medium/Mass Production
Quick PCB Assembly Quote|24 Hours Prototype Fast Delivery|Low and High volume|HDI Assembly|Micro BGA components 0.35mm Pitch|0201 parts|Wire Bonding & Mounting

TracePCB provides EMS and PCBA services for High-Tech companies. We deliver THRU/SMT components outsourcing and purchasing services. We also offer solder paste stencil production services for lead-free reflow soldering. We can provide small and medium-sized batch production, as well as mass production, while keeping cost reduction in mind.

Our clients will enjoy:

  • PCBA prototypes and small volume assembly orders with fast supply
  • We realize a pre-production step before PCBA mass production/high-volume assembly
  • High quality and minimized cost by panelization assembly
  • Technical support during the whole process

Assembly service Types:

  • SMT single or double sided
  • DIP single or double sided
  • SMT + DIP mixed technology – single or double sided
  • Press connect components
  • Conformal coating
  • Firmware programming
  • Functional testing
  • Assembly in plastic/metal BOX


  • Min.Package: 01005 (0.4mm*0.2mm)
  • Max.Package: No limited
  • BGA pad with 0.15mm
  • BGA pitch 0.35mm

SMT Parts Presentation

  • Cut tape
  • Partial reel
  • Reel / Tube / Tray

Test Solutions

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • In-circuit test
  • Reliability test
  • Firmware programming
  • Analogue & digital functional test
  • Design For Test (DFT) processes
  • BGA X-Ray
  • Functional testing

CMP Sourcing

TracePCB is a global component sourcing and purchasing company with a worldwide network of suppliers and clients from various industries. Our in-house team specializes in electronic component procurement and stock management to ensure our clients have what is necessary to realize their projects.

  • Component conditions - 100% new, original, authentic electronics components and devices supply
  • Component procurement - We allocate and find alternative electrical parts/electronic components, especially obsolete and EOL ones, for your product to ensure your BOM is complete

Please feel free to contact our component sales manager if you need to know the specific part number of the component requested.

ICT/FP Processing

In-Circuit (ICT) & Fly Probe(FPT) PCB Electrical Testing Services
ICT and FPT Automated Electronic Solutions for PCBA Testing and Analysis|X-Ray /CT and AOI and SPI Camera Inspections For cost -effective PCBA product Assembly

Combining ICT and FP tests is the only way to inspect one hundred percent of the net connections.

ICT (in-circuit test) is performed on the bottom of the mounted board bed of nails. This test will prove whether or not the assembly was correctly fabricated.

FP (flying probe) electrical test is performed on the top side of the board. 

To test the BGA's balls, we must perform an ICT.

The pros of working with us

Due to our design capabilities - we can prepare the electrical schematic and the layout design with ICT points on all the nets if requested.

CT/XRAY Generating

At TracePCB, in addition to the standard visual inspections, we perform CT and X-ray processes in-house, which enable us to visualize, inspect and verify the soldering of the leads/balls of the components. This is the best way to identify soldering defects.

Important to know

  •  X-RAY inspection is a necessary procedure, especially for microelectronics, multi-layer complex, and HDI board assembly.

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Product & Electro-Mechanical System Assembly Services
Mechanical box|enclosure|package Assembly Mounting for Electronic Complex Product |Mechanical Assembly and Wiring for Electronic Systems|Full Integration Service

TracePCB provides box and rack build, as well as electro-mechanical assembly. We customize the assembly process according to the client’s specific project requirements.

We realize the complete electro-mechanical assembly of parts for PCB enclosures and comprehensive box assembly. 

System Assembly

System-level assembly begins with specifications, models, and a list of materials. TracePCB's end-to-end capabilities give us a holistic approach to system-level assembly.

The standard system assembly delivery includes the size and weight of the product, but with our capabilities, we can make further preparation for storage, handling, and shipping to the client or final destination.

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